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My Kitchen Floor is Like Houdini

December 29, 2011

…it disappeared like magic!

Ok, not really.  But to me it did!  Secretly, Ryan took off from work yesterday afternoon.  He worked diligently to remove 2 of the 3 layers of laminate flooring that grace the kitchen.  This was our conversation when I walked in the door after my long day at work:

Ryan:  Hi babe.

Michelle:  Hey!

Ryan: Look in the kitchen to see what your dog did.

Michelle: Oh crap, what did she chew up now?  (I noticed the pocket door to the kitchen was closed like Ninka chewed up her bed again and the damage was saved for me to witness)

Ryan: Open the door and look.

Michelle: WHAT??!!!  Where did our floor go?!

Ryan: Oh, I forgot to tell you, I took off work to remove the flooring and surprise you!

I LOVE THIS MAN!!!  Then I quickly said “Ryan,I wasn’t here to take the pictures!!”  His reply: “Maybe you should check your camera”.  Yep, my wonderful husband even documented the whole project!

The original (circa 1960) laminate was covered by previous owners with a new sub-floor (only god knows when) and 2 more layers of flooring were installed on top over the years.  Ryan got out the skill saw and carefully remove the old flooring by cutting it in pieces and prying it off.

Our original floor was then revealed!  It’s amazing the quality of this laminate.  So much more durable then what they sell now-a-days.  But let’s face it, it’s still pretty darn ugly and there are some questionable stains.

Ryan removed the threshold pieces between the hall and dining room, uncovering the hardwoods that lie beneath the carpet (but stop at the kitchen, of course).

The mess?  Yep, he got pictures of that too.  He wouldn’t want anyone to think this was a squeaky clean demo, they never are.

The 2nd layer of sub-floor was nailed in with brad nails. Many of them pulled up with the boards as Ryan pried them off, but a bunch still stayed nailed in the floor, making it slightly dangerous for our little pups.  Can you see all those silver, potentially paw cutting nails protruding from the floor?

Those little nails became my after work project.  Using my hammer, I was able just to pound those babies back into the laminate, creating a nice smooth finish to lay our Hardie Backer (mentioned here).

We still need to pull out the fridge and remove that small part of floor, but that hopefully will be small potatoes.

Here’s what the kitchen floor looked like in 1964 when this house was built.  I guess it’s neutral, so that’s a plus, right?!

And because it wouldn’t be a Bauer project without something broken….

All that pounding must have moved the dishes out of whack.  When I opened up the cabinet this little white ramekin fell right out onto the kitchen counter and broke…boo.

We’re no strangers to damage.  Other casualties were mentioned here, here, and here.  Yep, our history of breaking stuff continues….

Now that my kitchen floor has magically disappeared (sort of…since I wasn’t there), we can hopefully get under the fridge tonight and start laying some backer board and tile over our long 4 day weekend….wish us luck!


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