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Drywall and Mud and Electric, Oh My

April 9, 2013

It’s been a redonkulous-ly (that’s a word- it’s totally in urban dictionary)  long time since our last master bedroom update…42 days to be exact.   In 42 days we having finished framing:

master framing

…built a temporary wall and installed a load bearing beam (in three pieces):

master beam

photo 3

photo 4

…hung some drywall:

master drywall

master drywall

master drywall

master drywall

…went on a 10 day vacation to Florida:

vaca_florida 2013

vaca florida 2013_polo

…tapped and mudded:

master mud

…and added tons of can lights and wires:

master light

master light

That pretty much sums up the last 42 days.  This renovation is taking a wee bit longer than planned, but then again don’t they all?  Now that it’s warming up here in West Virginia we’ll be itching to get out on the boat any day…so needless to say we better start kicking it into gear!!

On a side note, this is our first spring at the new house.  I went out back today to play with the dogs and discovered this:

back yard

I always wanted a spring flowering tree at our first house, but never got around to planting one.  WELL I’LL BE! I have one two here and I didn’t even have to plant them!  Super psyched.  Oh, and while I was out back admiring my flowering trees I was able to capture both pups in one shot…a major rarity.

pups back yard

Big ol grumps….probably a side effect from all the deer poo they’ve been eating….or maybe they are just ready for all this renovation to be over too!


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