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Laundry Room Gets The Axe

May 12, 2015

Verdict is in on the new laundry room.  

When we began the whole “let’s build a garage and move our driveway” project, we decided to check into the cost of adding a new laundry room in the old garage space.  The quote came back last week and we decided not to move forward.  It wasn’t a “we wavered back and forth” NO.  It was a BIG FAT NO.  The main issue is our plumbing.  We would have to jack hammer the floor of our current garage and then dig a trench all the way to the opposite side of our property (about 100 feet) in order to tie into the main sewer drain.  5K just for plumbing.  Are you kidding me?!  Not happening.  On top of the 5K we had to add up the cost of framing, electrical, dry wall, tile, cabinets, sinks, fixtures, etc… which wasn’t awful, but then when you combine that with the exterior changes that would need to be done (take out the current 2 car garage door, brick up that wall, add a gas line (our dryer is gas), and frame out/buy/install a new single car garage door) it became insane.  It’s just waaay too much money on something that probably won’t add much value to our house.  Its minimal square footage so it wouldn’t add anything in that aspect either.  Return on investment is Just. Not. there.

It’s sad to think I had such a beautiful space designed in my head (and on Pinterest) that won’t come to fruition.  But in all honestly I would rather spend that much money on something a little cooler than a laundry room.  I don’t even like to do laundry.  So it’s final.  We will continue to use our small but highly functional laundry room in the basement.  And I am totally fine with that. I’ve never thought it was a bad space.  It’s actually pretty glorious compared to the unfinished laundry room we had at the old house!


During the 5 months of foundation repair I had the grand idea to take out a small wall in the basement.  It separated the 2nd basement bedroom from the living space and work shop.  We knocked it out, had our electrician put in an extra recessed light, and the contractor dry walled it.     It really opens up the space where the laundry room is….now if we would get our but into action to wipe down the walls, get to priming, and lay some missing tile….


So what does all this mean?  It means we are going to have a ridiculously large 4 car garage.  We still will hang some cabinetry and move our basement fridge into the space, there just wont be a washer and dryer, or walls to keep it all company…And the dogs will continue to get bathed in the 1965 blue guest bathroom upstairs 😜.

On a side note, I started cleaning up the mess our foundation guys left in the basement.   I spent 5 hours scraping dry wall plaster and concrete from our tile floors in the guest room, storage room, and bathroom downstairs.  After I mopped the floors (several times) and wiped down the walls I was able to get a coat of primer on all the walls and trim.   Next up?  Tackling the rec room.  that space is huge and will require much more motivation.   Then paint colors.   Oh what color(s) to paint?  Painting is my (really weird, somewhat therapeutic) happy place.  


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