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Garage Details.

May 2, 2015

The garage addition is 28 feet long.  That’s a lot of feet.  It’s about 4-8 feet longer than a normal garage.  Go big or go home, I guess….  Once the wall gets knocked out between the existing garage and the new addition, the entire garage will be approximately 48 feet deep.  Crazy Big.  Our initial plan was to have a space big enough that we could also store our boat in the winter.  I guess we imagined cleaning and tinkering with it (?).  That will never happen.

Now enters crazy idea #108.  Should we try to add a laundry/mudroom to this space??  Currently our laundry room is in our finished basement.  It’s small, but it’s a nice space.  Nothing’s really wrong with it except it’s in the basement.  I’m always thinking re-sale.  And it would add a lot to this house if there was a main floor laundry room.  When we designed our master bedroom we made sure to allow for 36” doorways to keep it handicap accessible and designed the shower without a curb for the same purpose.  If we add a laundry room to the current garage it would essentially make our house almost 100% handicap accessible, therefore appealing to older home buyers or families with small children.  When we met with our contractor, who is Roger Spaulding by the way (we keep getting asked that question), he let us know adding laundry facilities might be a bigger (which equals more expensive) project than we thought because of drainage.  If we have to tap into the drain on the other side of the house it will be a forgotten project.  In my head this laundry room will consist of white cabinetry to match the kitchen, marble countertops, a glass subway tile backsplash, a ridiculously large white apron sink to wash the dogs, a coat closet (which already exists in the space), and room for our extra fridge. 
The plan, if it happens, is for the contractor to complete the shell (including drywall, electrical, and plumbing) and we will finish the space ourselves. But obviously that won’t happen until we hear about drainage.    So there’s that.

On the outside, we have 2 separate car bays, both over sized at 9’x7’.  The garage doors will be carriage style in a walnut finish with black wrought iron hardware and an arched window design up top.  This is probably my favorite element of the project.  And more costly than I imagined.


We will purchase 3 more light fixtures to match the one next to our front door and they will be placed between each bay.  I had considered placing them above each door but decided to stay more traditional.


Above the garage doors there will be a metal awning supported by decorative corbels.  Originally I had planned copper, but now I’m thinking a black/brown metal might tie into the black shutters nicely.  Luckily, one of my best friends own a metal roofing company so I’m sure he’ll give me the family discount …haha.



On the gable (which will mimic the other side of the house) we will add Hardie Shingle siding which will hopefully break up all the brick and add a little texture.  The Hardie Shingle siding will also be added the gable on the other side of the house for balance.  As of now I plan to paint the shake siding a medium grey (if it doesn’t come in the color I want).


I’d also like to add some type of decorative trim at the very peak of both gables.


The side wall of the garage (facing the house) will have 2 windows (we are re-using the ones from our existing garage) centered in the middle.  The ground space in front of the windows will become a large flower bed, butting up to the patio and walkway.  I imagine building some kind of trellis for climbing plants to grow on either side of the windows.  We also plan to transplant the Japanese maple that the foundation workers tried not to destroy/kill somewhere in this area.


The other side of the garage (the side facing the busy main road), will remain mostly the same.  Depending on the laundry room outcome, this space is still a big question mark.  If we can build the laundry room we will remove the existing 2 car garage door and install a single garage door to match the ones out front.  If the laundry plan goes kaput, then nothing is changing as of now.  There are two very large brick pillars that flank our current driveway.  They will get knocked out and a fence will go up.  This fence will connect the existing fence in the front and back yards.



As far as the front porch, it will be slightly larger than before but basically the same design.  We will not be replacing the brick.  Maybe down the road we might feel like re-laying it, but not now.

The walkway will extend from the corner of the driveway to the front door.  The old brick walkway (going to the street) will be removed along with the brick mailbox.  We will have a new brick mailbox built at the end of the new driveway.  Ryan picked up the mailbox from Lowes yesterday, and I must admit it’s kind of fancy, who knew!  (it doesn’t look very fancy in this stock photo though)


Obviously the new driveway will extend from the street to the garage, but we are also pouring concrete up the side of the new garage wall so there will be plenty of parking.  The current flowerbed that’s along the front yard fence will remain, although we will probably plant new bushes.


Lastly is the brick.  We think we have a match!   Of course we won’t know how well it matches until it goes in.  It’s the Glen-Gery City Line called “Canyon Blend”.   It’s a smooth brick with dark variations.   Below are the samples we had to choose from.   “Canyon Blend” is the middle board.

Phew!  It’s a lot to think about but I think it will be so nice when it’s finished.  I hope the finished product looks as good in person as it does in my head.




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