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In Your Fascia!

December 2, 2011

The cabinet fascia is complete!  Yesterday’s post we started cutting the rough dimensions of the fascia boards to cover the awkward base cabinet in the kitchen, more on that here.

After making our rough cuts, it turns out Ryan is perfect (but I already knew that…haha)!  Both boards fit snugly into their new homes and fortunately no extra trimming was needed…this time!

To give you a better look, we mocked up what it will look like when the trim is in place.  (Doesn’t Ryan look sexy in that protective eyewear?)

Last night we set up shop on the front porch again and were able to get the middle holes cut out for the fascia for cabinet doors.  It took Ryan about an hour to do so, but he wanted to go slow with the blade in order to get a perfectly straight cut.  He first started by making a small square with the skill saw then made the straight inside edge with his jigsaw.

It then became my responsibility to sand those suckers down to a nice smooth finish.

Notice that planter on the table?  Yeah, I should have moved it to another table, rather than just moving it to the end of the table.    You guessed it, the vibration of the orbital sander threw that thing on to the ground.  But if you know us at all, it wouldn’t be a Bauer project without something broken.  Remember when we started this kitchen renovation and the “Flying Pig” (found here) in our office landed on the floor and broke?

We were very upset about that darn thing.  It was a memento from our wedding.  On the bright side, when I was at TJ Maxx the other day I randomly found a similar ceramic flying pig that just happens to be painted our wedding color!  Granted, it’s not quite the same, but it makes up for the death of our dear piglet, rest his sole.

Anyhoo, we have a history of breaking stuff.

After the soil and broken ceramic  pot were swept up (I’m getting really good at sweeping pigs and sawdust) I could get the boards wiped down with tack cloth and start my favorite past time, priming and painting.  The boards are much easier to paint before they get nailed in, but I will totally have some touch up once the nails are in and holes filled with putty.

The fascia boards didn’t take very long to get painted, so I was lucky enough to apply primer and 2 coats of paint last night.

The paint still needs to completely dry and set for a day or so, but to give you an idea of what the cabinet will look like with the fascia, we leaned them up against the cabinet frame.  Hopefully now you can see what train of thought we had throughout this project!

Of course we still need to nail the fascia in.  We plan to borrow Ryan’s dad’s air compressor this weekend to git-r-done.

Still on the list:

  • cabinet doors
  • corner trim
  • wainscoting squares (to go under the cabinet doors)
  •  baseboard trim
  • countertops
  • upper cabinets
  • tile backsplash
  • remove laminate flooring
  • lay new floor tile
So as you can see, the list just keeps going and going, and I’m sure I’ve left off some other important items, but that’s ok,  winter is the season for DIY (at least for us…it’s not exactly boating weather!)
Have a great weekend and happy DIY’ing!

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