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November 16, 2011

The cabinet and counter extension in the kitchen obviously needed a detailed plan.  Ryan took his measurements and we have ended up with a base cabinet that will (hopefully) look like this.

Because our garage is in the basement and our kitchen is the floor above, Ryan decided it would be much easier to create a make-shift work shop on our front porch.  This actually works out really well for many of our projects except for the days when it’s snowing…buuurrr!

After some sawing and hammering we have a frame for the custom-faux base cabinet!

On that back wall there is an outlet which of course had to be moved since the counter top will sit at 34″ to match the existing counter on the adjacent wall.  Ryan got out the saw and shimmied his way up the drywall with the wiring and box to get that sucker up a few inches to sit above the new counter top.

Of course this ever so slight move requires some patching…ugh.  We got out the mesh taping and some mud and started this 3-4 coat process.  I’m usually the drywall mudder and sander since  I’m a perfectionist….which is why I say, ugh!  Here is coat #1 that Ryan so graciously started for me.

It wouldn’t be a Bauer project without a casualty (just like the fan globe on the front porch ceiling painting mentioned here).  The adjacent wall to this part of the kitchen happens to be our home office.  On that wall in the office sits shelving with some diplomas, nick-knacks, and sentimental items.  When Ryan was banging his hammer we heard a crash.  We inspected and found our little flying pig (a memento from our wedding) went crashing to the floor….poor piggy, rest in peace.  I loved that thing 😦

And that’s a start!  We are hoping to get Ryan’s dad over this weekend to start building the base cabinet.  Off to look at some counter top options this evening.  We will keep you posted on the progess!


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