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DIY Chevron Art

November 17, 2011

It’s no secret that I LOVE chevron (that contemporary zig zag pattern).  It was only time that I created my own artwork applying this pattern to a canvas.  My supplies included a 24×36 artist canvas, paint, and frog tape.   The canvas was marked $44.99 at Michaels but I used a 40% off coupon.  The frog tape and paint I already owned, so the cost of this project=FREE!

I took a zig zag pattern, printed it out and went over it with my frog tape.  I then cut it out to use as a template for each line.  After a bunch of measuring I came up with a spacing.

I then traced the pattern at the spacing intervals that I measured and marked.

After all the tracing was finished I ended up with a canvas that looks like this:

I carefully cut the frog tape to fit in each line. This process was very tedious, but luckily I had my Kentucky Wildcats on TV to keep me company during the one hour taping process. (and they won the game against Kansas…woot, woot!)

After it was all taped the canvas looked like this.  Next step was to get out the paint and cover the lady!

The acrylic paint I used was Artist Loft brand in Phthalo Green.

I planned to put a second coat of paint on the canvas when I got home from work, but decided I liked the look of the brush strokes against the clean white chevron stripes.  I carefully tore away a few tape pieces just to make sure…you guessed it, I likey!

The home for this canvas is on the main focal-wall in the basement.  It’s a really long wall with a picture frame montage above the sofa.  Yes, that’s our keg-o-rator to the left of the sofa.  It hasn’t had a keg in it for a few a months. We took it apart to clean the lines and we (that’s the Ryan part of ‘we’) haven’t put it back together yet.  The black and whites are pictures of the pups, a rafting trip, and the recent photo shoot we had with Mandi White.

Here is the after…I think I need to move the canvas a bit to the right and down slightly to line up with the bottom row of frames.  I was just so excited to hang the darn thing I didn’t even measure anything out (dumb, i know).  A short and sweet weekend project.

Overall, I am very pleased with how the chevron art project turned out.  I am especially glad I did not put that second coat of paint on the canvas.  I really like the texture the brush strokes add to the well defined white zig zags!

What do you think?  Should I move this pieces to the right about 4-6 inches?  The keg-o-rator is moving to a new home so it doesn’t necessarily have to be centered over the unit.  Do you like the texture of the brush strokes?  Do you love chevron as much as I do?  Have you painted anything chevron lately?

p.s. If you are wondering about the kitchen project, we are still in the process of mudding and sanding the drywall from the outlet move.  We are on coat #3.  Hope to have that primed and painted by Friday so we can start on building the base cabinet…first things first!


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