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Moving on Up

November 18, 2011

The color of our kitchen is Benjamin Moore’s Wickham Grey.  It is color matched to Olympic no VOC paint.  This paint is environmentally preferred because it’s no VOC (the chemical that causes paint odor).  So if you have kids in the house, animals, or just don’t care for that awful paint smell this paint is definitely the way to go!

Last time I posted about the kitchen project (here) we were in the process of moving an electrical outlet.  Because our kitchen counter top will sit 34″ the existing wall outlet needed to be moved on up.  Ryan did so by cutting through the drywall to move the wires and box.  In the past few days I have been mudding and sanding the wall.

After three light coats of mud (and sanding between) we end up with this:


Next step was to prime and paint (cleaning rollers is the worst, isn’t it?).

As I mentioned earlier, the paint color is Wickham Grey.  I mark all my cans of paint with the color brand (“BMoore” stands for Benjamin Moore) and where I painted the color.  If you like color like we do, and you paint often, this is a very useful tool for when you need to touch-up.  As you can see from this can, I also painted Wickham Grey in the basement bath.

With the Kiltz primer applied, the hole is virtually invisible.

Once the primer dried, it was time to (finally) paint!  If you know me at all, painting is my favorite pastime.  I haven’t figured out why I like to paint so much but I think it has something to do with instant change.  I love change.  I also like moving objects and furniture from room to room every now and then just to mix it up.  The paint turned out seamless, but would you really expect anything else from Mrs. Bauer?  haha!  You would never even know there use to be a crazy hole there and now we will be able to use this outlet for a crockpot, etc.. on the new counter.

I am very happy how this easy, but time consuming project turned out.  Now that this small obstacle is out of our way we are ready to resume building the custom base.  Unfortunately the Kentucky basketball game is not being televised in our market this weekend, but that means we will have lots of uninterrupted time to continue this project.  I will keep you updated on Monday with our progress.

Happy Friday!


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