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Dancing…I Mean Painting…on the Ceiling

November 14, 2011

Lionel Richie had me groovin’ this weekend.  After  6 months and 4 painters that never showed, I started exterior painting myself.  Why are painters, contractors, handymen, etc… so hard to get to show up??!  Makes me livid.  Painter #4 promised to show “tomorrow” for the past 5 weeks.  He told me to buy a $100, 5 gallon bucket of paint (which I opened to paint some windows)  and still hasn’t showed up.  I just want to scream!!  Saturday was a beautiful 70 degree day so I pulled out my $100 bucket of paint and decided the paint the four pillars on my front porch.

I scraped and primed the pillars before the painter was “suppose” to start.  Now that winter is fast approaching I felt it necessary to get a coat of paint on the girls before it starts snowing.  What turned out to be a pillar paint job turned into so much more, hence my Lionel Richie-themed title.

Hiding behind that bush on the right is a little ceramic yard ornament….you guessed it, a pug…haha!!  It was an anniversary gift from the in-laws.  Pugsy, as I refer to her, fits well into the shrubbery.  She protects against those flower eating deer.  Yeah, I wish.

So once the pillar painting started, that led to the underside of the trim getting painted.  Once the under part of the trim was painted, the inside trim needed to be painted.  Once the inside trim was painted, the ceiling needed painted.  It was a vicious cycle.  So yes, I ended up painting the ceiling of the front porch.  I had been meaning to do that for the past few years.  This obviously was the time to do it.   It took a painstaking 4 hours, but well worth it in the end.  I can’t help but to keep dancing looking up at the ceiling!

You may have noticed that there is no globe on the ceiling fan.  Yep, you guessed it, a casualty in the process.  The darn extension rod that connects to the roller had a slight encounter with a fan blade.  The globe was completely knocked off and shatter everywhere mid-paint on the front porch.  As Michelle says, “phish-posh”…until I went to the HD (Home Depot)  to replace it and realized it was ten bucks (I figured $5)!!  The kicker???  It didn’t even fit!  Hopefully Lowes will have a better match….there is absolutely no way I can live without a globe on that thing.

Oh, I forgot to mention that A) because there is no globe and B) the light reflects off the newly painted ceiling…it is ridiculously bright out there at night.  At least it will detour any thiefs if the alarm system suddenly stops working….brraaahaaahaaa!!!

Stayed tuned later this week…We have a huge ginormous project in the works!!!!  I am bursting at the seams on this one (5 years on the ‘list’!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Oh, and in honor of some Lionel Richie….Let’s Dance on the Ceiling!

Happy Monday:)


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