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525,600 Minutes…

December 1, 2011

…how do you measure, measure a year kitchen.

Okay, so it’s really only been 24,480 minutes since we started this kitchen renovation, or 17 days, but it’s feels like much longer.  I have no clue why Rent’s “Seasons of Love” popped into my head, maybe because this project is a “labor of love”.  You’ve got to remember that we both work 8-5 jobs everyday so we really only have evenings and weekends to work on this baby.  And there was an out-of-town holiday road trip thrown in the mix, so I guess it’s not really taking that long!

We started pulling out the quarter round last night.  Our intention was just to pull out the quarter round, but the baseboard decided to come up with it.  Like Tulipai and Ninka, they stick together, I guess.

The short term plan (after the cabinetry and countertops are in)  is to pull up the flooring and replace it with tile.  It appears there is just two layers of laminate on the floor, but you never know until you start.  We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed on that one.

With the baseboards pulled up, we finally started measuring and cutting the fascia.  This will be key in making our weird little box look like a cabinet.  Once the fascia is up you will see our plan/vision, in case you don’t already.   As usual, we set up our workshop on the front porch since our garage is on the lower level and the front porch is way more convenient.  It’s getting dark  early in the evening so Ryan had to drag out some extra lighting this time, which means more to clean up, oh well.   We’re getting good at making sawdust lately, so I guess that means I’m getting good at sweeping it up!

The rough cuts were finished last night, but there is still more inner-cuts for the cabinet door holes, so this will be a two-day-er.  We hope to get this thing together tonight and maybe (?) start painting???  Wish us luck!


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