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An Inside Job.

November 30, 2011

When we left off with the kitchen project we were “Making Sawdust” (more posts on the kitchen found here, here, here, here and here).  Now that the dust has officially settled (for now)  it’s time to get some things secure from the inside.  Ryan put a few screws in the frame  and wall of the custom base cabinet, so she isn’t going anywhere!

In my genius thinking, I thought knew it would be much easier to paint the inside of the cabinet before the countertop base was secure.  Had I thought about it more in-depth, I really should have painted the inside of that darn thing before Ryan screwed it into the wall.  Oh well, you live and you learn….we just jumped ahead of ourselves, as usual.  We know the inside won’t be seen, but since we are both perfectionists, it has to be done.

I know you are very jealous of my couture painting outfit, but you can’t have it.  Those zebra print shorts and I go way back to the beginning of my painting days in college.  I have an entire shelf in my closet dedicated to DIY clothing.  I have tanks, shorts, sweats, jeans, sweaters, and jackets…so I can basically get through the entire year without getting my “actual” clothes dirty.  The best part?  It all still fits from when I started this section of clothing 5 years ago…bow-chick-a-bow-wow (or as Ryan would say “brown chick and brown cow”)!

Back to painting….so, I have all the interior of the cabinet primed and painted.  The bottom shelf wasn’t very graceful when being pushed into position (due to the extra layers of paint) but she eventually gave in.

All that Ryan had left to do was secure it the inside bottom shelf with some glue and nails.

But of course it’s never as easy as that!  Here comes Michelle’s part: putty those nail holes and sand for re-touch.

I know it’s really hard to see what I am sanding here, but trust me the white putty inside the nail holes will make all the difference in the inside of the finished product.

And again….break out the paint to make some touch-ups on that bottom shelf.  Yes, that is dinner cooking next to my paint below…we are multi-taskers after all!   Also, in case you didn’t know (my mother taught me this) you can keeping paint brushes and rollers tightly wrapped in a bag in the fridge.  This is very helpful when you have paint/touch-up on going…It’s such a pain to wash those things out!  Just don’t forget you have then in the fridge, they don’t last forever, you know!

Now that all the interior painting of that cabinet is finished Ryan was finally able to screw in his counter top base.  He drilled a bunch of pilot holes before drilling in the screws, but I neglected to snap photos of that…sorry!  So now we are officially with an extra (sort-of) counter space.  It’s already being used for tools, dog food, etc…can’t wait to get counter tops on that thing!

It’s coming along.  I know I say that every time I post about the kitchen, but day by day it’s really coming together.  Rome wasn’t built in a day you know!


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