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Light it Up.

November 22, 2011

The area in the kitchen where we are building the extended counter was previously a banquette.    There was a pendant light that hung over the table that obviously had to go.  The before picture below was taken days after we bought the house…before I re-upholstered those awful benches (and then 4 years later Ninka tore it to shreds).

The electrical box in the ceiling was centered over the table so we assumed we needed to move it a few inches back so the new upper cabinets (which aren’t there yet) would have some clearance.  At first we thought about installing a can light.  We didn’t want anything hanging below the ceiling that a cabinet could possibly get caught on.

After triple measuring, I realized if we didn’t move the electrical box we would still have about 2″ clearance between the light and future cabinet doors…can I say, YEAH?!  We hit up a local flea market (that sells displays models), Lowes, and Home Depot in search of  track light to match the existing one we replaced about 4 years ago.  No such luck.  Although we did find something very similar at Lowes.  The existing unit is one complete bar with 4 lights whereas the new model (which had the same light shades) was divided in two separate bars.  It was a very subtle difference.  We decided for $48 it was a go!  Ryan got out the step ladder when we got home yesterday and in about 10 minutes he had that darn thing up and running!  I love my husband!

It’s amazing how much more light we have in the kitchen just with that second light.  I can’t believe we didn’t do this about a month ago.  And to think it only took $48 bucks and 10 minutes.  Here is a view with both (almost) identical lights.  You can’t see me, but I am doing the Happy (I love light) Dance right now!!

Even Tuli (who wanted to be in the picture above) loves the brightness.  I never realized how much light we were missing.   It’s amazing how much better I could see the meat browning and shirataki noodles par-boiling last night…haha!

p.s. if you haven’t tried shirataki noodles, you are missing out on some awesome 20 calorie faux pasta!

More small kitchen projects are being completed as we speak.  I will keep you updated tomorrow on the progress!


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