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NuTone is Out of Tune

November 23, 2011

Back in 1964 when our house was built intercom speakers were “the thing”.  Of course, our house came equipped with a awesome unit.  The control center is located in our kitchen.   Since NuTone screams old school, it unfortunately does not fit in to our kitchen renovation (although painted grey, it blended nicely into our wall for 5 years…and worked!).  You are safe to assume: bye, bye Mr. Control Panel!

Lucky for me, four screws removed, the panel fell easily out of the wall.  I really thought several coats of paints would keep that darn thing stuck to the wall forever…we’ll call this my lucky break!

Ryan cut the power and snipped the wires, setting Mr. Control Panel free from it’s 50 year home.

The next step was to tape and cap the wires after we pulled out the metal framing.

We (that’s the Ryan side of “we”) had to cut away a little drywall on the right side in order to pull out the metal brackets.

All said and done, this took about thirty minutes, not too shabby if you ask me.  Of course that doesn’t include the clean up.

The next step is to get this sucker patched with a little drywall and mud.  Maybe a project for Thanksgiving weekend.  We also plan to take out the 2 separate outlets (to the right) and set them into the wall with one 4 prong unit.  We will then tile a backsplash to match the existing backsplash on the opposite wall.  This backsplash will wrap around to the new cabinet being built on the adjoining wall.

Originally we thought about tearing out the existing white backsplash (that I installed almost 6 years ago) and getting a matching 4″ “Azul Platino” granite backsplash.   (Our decision on Azul Platino can be found here).  I really like the look of the white tile and adding it to the 2 opposite walls really won’t take much time at all…decision made!  Plus, it will save us a couple hundred buck-a-roos on the cost of the granite.  Unfortunately, I can’t start on tiling until the NuTone patch is complete, the upper cabinet in built/installed, and the granite is in.  So, needless to say the tile won’t come for about another 4 weeks after the granite arrives.

There you have it!  We are very excited to take some time off from the kitchen and rest over the holiday with our family.  Do you have big family plans for the holiday or are a type A personality planning to renovate through it?!  Do you like the idea of continuing the white tile on the opposite wall?  Can you envision our finished kitchen like we can??!!!  Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.  I will be back on Monday!


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