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The Mess We Call Home

December 30, 2011

It’s no secret that we’ve been remodeling our kitchen.  But what I have kept a secret is the mess of a space we call our dining room.  There was a quiz a few years back called  “What Desperate Housewife Are You?”.   It was no surprise to me or anyone that knows me that I came back as “Bree Van de Kamp”.

Yes, I am that girl who pleases everyone and brings baskets of baked goods to new neighbors.  I also keep my house impeccable and there is never anything out of place….except for when we remodel.  This brings me to the awful (ok, not SO awful) shame of what our dining room currently looks like during this whole kitchen remodel.  For the record, I twitch at the sight of my dining room every second.

Yes: dog crate, tools, air compressor, and kitchen trashcan have all inhabited our eating space, but I guess it’s a small price to pay for a beautifully finished kitchen.  And those three bottles of wine on the table?  I might just drink them tonight…just kidding of course, maybe only one.

There is a random bookshelf in my dining room along with piles of opened tile next to my sewing table (but who really has a sewing table in their dining room?  I do).  Not to mention more boxes of tile on the opposite wall and a kitchen sink to boot!

Just trying to “keep it real”.  No, we are not perfect and our house is not anywhere near perfect.   Hopefully this god-awful mess will be graced with some Houdini magic (mentioned here) and be gone on Monday!   We can only hope.  Happy New Year, we will be back in 2012 with more updates on the kitchen…hopefully a fully tiled kitchen floor!



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