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Baby Got Back(er-Board)!

January 3, 2012

Yep, our circa 1960 laminate floor which magically disappeared (mentioned here) is officially covered with Hardie-Backerboard (more on that here)!   We pulled out the fridge on Friday and pried up the last of the old laminate.

We used 1/4″ thick backerboard on top of the original 1964 laminate to create a smooth, mold resistant surface to adhere our tile to.  Ironically enough, the plywood used to lay laminate layer #2 (and 3) was the same thickness, the first thing to actually go our way in this kitchen remodel.

Ryan’s job was to measure and cut each piece of Hardie-Backer.  Our kitchen is fairly narrow, so it wasn’t as easy as plopping down each sheet, unfortunately.

While Ryan cut, I used 352 (yes, I said three-hundred and fifty two- I counted) 1 1/4″ “Backer-On” screws to secure the boards into place.

Ryan received a new Milwaukee drill and driver set for Christmas, and let me tell you, having an awesome drill driver really helped the process.  Even with a good driver, I still ended up with a major blister on my palm (hence the rubber glove), ugh…I guess that’s why they call it sweat equity!  (Oh, and by the way, it was 64 degrees here on Friday, which is why I’m wearing shorts and a tank…didn’t last long though, 2″ of snow yesterday).

Being cocky, we assumed laying 6 pieces of Backerboard would be a breeze (after all we’ve done this so many times before) but because our kitchen is so awkward, the process took several (unexpected) hours.  Since it took much longer than we expected, no tile was laid on Friday night…boo.  But here is what a fresh coat of Hardie Backer looks like!

I can now say the tacky  lovely 1964 original laminate is officially covered and ready for tile!!  But before we go there, let’s take another look at the beautiful Hardie Backerboard!

I can now official say the tile process began over the long weekend.  We played around with possible tile patterns (mentioned here), and the winner is, drum roll please….brrrruummmm….the diagonal-brick pattern.  Yes, it will probably be more cuts and will definitely need more attention to detail and spacing, but we think this will make the kitchen appear wider.  Our goal is to have an entire line of full tiles from the dining room to the opposite corner by the window…More on the tiling tomorrow!!!


Happy 2012, we hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday!


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