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It All Started with Painting the Kitchen Trim…

March 5, 2012

Hi, my name is Michelle and I’m a paint addict.  That’s what I would say if there was a “Painters Anonymous”.  It all started in the kitchen after Ryan nailed all the floor trim pieces in the kitchen (mentioned here).  I’ve slowly put forth the time to putty and sand the nail holes.  This weekend I finally got out the dreaded frog tape and semi-gloss white trim paint to finish up the job.

First things first, I taped the new porcelain tile floor and the wall above the trim.  I can be quite laxidasical when it comes to trim so I’m always better safe than sorry by taping off both ends…I’ve learned that lesson the hard way.

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to finally get around to this task, I guiess the kitchen officially burned me out.

The most rewarding part in painting (or most dreadful if you didn’t tape right) is pulling that green tape off to reveal the newly painted goodness.

Of course I can’t stop there.  Once the trim was finished, I stepped back to look at it and saw the window.  In my head I thought “there is no point in painting fresh new glossy white paint on the trim and leaving the window out”.  So that led to giving our kitchen window a glossy new coat.

And of course after she got a new look, our front door needed the same love.  I know, you’re thinking I’m crazy.  Crazy in Love (just like Beyonce) with white paint that is!

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there.  Luckily, I remembered that our Master Bath floor trim was never painted when it was installed.  It had the factory white primer, but was never hit with a coat of paint.  To this day I have no idea why we forgot about it.  So, six years later our little Master Bath got a nice coat of paint as well.

And like the Energizer Bunny, I keep going.  How I have this much energy I have no idea.  If I have that little 2″ short rubber-handled paint brush in my hand won’t stop until the battle is over.  At this point Ryan and I stopped to go out to dinner, visit some friends, then I was back in the habit.  In case you are not aware, you can totally store wet paint brushes in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.  I actually do this all the time.  At any point I’m willing to bet you can open my fridge and find a wet white brush for that “just-in-case” moment.  That’s the baggage that goes along with us “Painters Anonymous” folk.  (On a side note, I think I could totally be the founder of this group).

I actually started to tackle something on our “to-do list” when we got home from dinner.  Our abnormally large window (which I love) in the dinning room has been calling for a paint job since we moved in six years ago.  I never tackled it because the formal plan was to tear out that ten foot window and install a sliding glass door that would go out to a deck (which we would “soon” build).  Since we have now decided to move this spring (mentioned here) that baby was way overdue for a paint job.  I put my paint clothes back on, opened that semi-gloss white paint back up, and grabbed my brush from the fridge.

You may be asking why I didn’t tape the window panes.  That answer is simple.  It takes way too long to perform such a task…not too mention a waste of money.  Frog tape is expensive.  I prefer to come back with a razor and scrape the paint off the glass.  It really doesn’t take that long, and is way less tedious that taping four sides of 44 window panes.

Most thirty year old adults without kids are out and about on Saturday nights, not me.  I am happy as a hippo staying in and painting a ten foot window.   Nerd Alert!

On Sunday morning, after my paint had enough time to cure I got out the razor blade I mentioned above to remove the paint I so kindly splattered on the glass windows.

I’m not sure what brand the scrapper is, something from Harbor Freight I’m sure, but it’s kind of ergonomical…for a mans hand.  It holds a straight edge blade and has a curved angle to snugly fit into a man-palm.  With semi-force I simply push the blade against the glass and scrap off the paint.

After scrapping all 44 window panes I used the shop vac to suck up all the paint chips from each pane.  There were a few missed spots, but I was able to quickly go back and hit up those area.  Here is the dining room window all glossy and white.

The last thing left to do is actually clean the windows.  I need to remove paint dust and finger prints.   I may get around to it this week, we’ll see.  The muntin between the panes=equals a big pain in the arss.

What do you think?  A new glossy white coat of paint=awesome, right?  Did you paint anything this weekend?  Are you a member of “Painters Anonymous” like me?  Let us know by commenting below!


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