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February Flowers Bring….March Snow Showers?

March 2, 2012

I seriously can’t believe how mild this winter has been in West Virginia.  I think it has only snowed twice and school called off once.  Very atypical for this area, as well as many other places in the country.  While grabbing the mail yesterday I noticed my lilly’s have already started to grow, seriously??

Normally these suckers don’t even think about popping up until April.  Even my Dianthus flowers, which normally go dormant in the winter are still green.  The only brown in my flowerbeds are the ugly leaves carried by the abnormal high winds.

Our grass is even growing.  It’s not growing all over like it does in the summer, but all those nicely “fertilized” spots from the pups have become very tall and luscious.  My immediate plan was to do a little spring winter yard work this weekend and get the flowerbeds cleaned up, but after looking at the weather forecast it’s suppose to snow on Sunday!  We can’t win for losing around here.

Yesterday was a gorgeous 68 degree blue sky day and today about the same, maybe a little warmer with a sprinkle or two.  I couldn’t help but to wonder what the fate of my Lilly’s would be after the snow on Sunday.    I consulted with my father, the agronomist, and yes, they will die.  The good news?  Lilly’s are very resilient according to my father.  Even though they will die from the snow, he said they most most definitely come back this spring.  They are continually growing plants and a little frost won’t hurt them in the long run. I knew there was a reason I planted those suckers…or just dumb luck.

Have you had a crazy warm winter like we have?  Are your flowers starting to sprout as well?  Tell us what’s going on around your yard by commenting below!


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