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February 6, 2012

When I was rummaging through the house the other night I came across a pile of mini DV tapes.  In that pile was a tape labeled “House 2006”. I popped it in and found the raw footage of the day we closed on our home.  It was so exciting/interesting to see what our house looked like six years ago.  I mostly forgot.   I upload the footage to my You Tube account to share with you all.  We had so much vision back in 2006 of what our house could be.  (In case you don’t know, it’s very difficult to find an updated home in the South Hills area of Charleston so we had to have vision for every house we walked through).  Don’t judge our cheesy commentary and Michelle’s Vanna White impersonations…it was SO 2006!

After watching this video about 4 times (I won’t lie, I repeatedly watch it several times) I decided that we should do new video of what our home looks like now.  So between my prep for our Super Bowl (I won my company grid by the way…just a side note to gloat since I’ve never win) I got out my Nikon and hit record for the first time.  Ok, not the first time, I practiced how to use the record button before I said “ACTION” on the house.  Again, don’t judge my commentary (or my sniffling nose).  I wasn’t planning on adding commentary but once the camera started rolling I couldn’t stop talking…nothing unusual if you know me at all.  So without further ado, here is the current state of our house, a constant DIY work in progress….

Wow, what a big difference 6 years and a lot of sweat equity can get you!  It’s a good thing Ryan and I are both DIY dorks, ‘go-getters’ and don’t let anything get in our way.  I haven’t mentioned this on the blog, but we are getting ready to put our house on the market, hence the rushed kitchen remodel.  I referred to our house ‘bucket list’  on Friday and the kitchen was the very last thing on that list.  It’s not exactly what we envisioned  (we wanted to knock out walls) but it’s nice to see the final piece of the puzzle come together finally.  It’s hard to say goodbye to something we’ve put so much blood, sweat, and tears into but she will never be forgotten.  We’ve learned so much on every DIY project and know we will use those skills and maybe learn some more on our new home!  Wish us luck on selling our home…If you want to buy it send me an email, LOL!

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