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B is for Bauer

March 12, 2012

I am currently at the beach visiting my parents but before I left I was feeling a little springy!   The red cranberry wreath on our front door had way worn out it’s welcome.  I finally removed it from the front door and placed it in storage until next Christmas.

The door was looking a little lonely without any color to compliment it’s black exterior so I went on the search for new ideas for a springy wreath.  As I’ve mentioned before, I have a thing for Pinterest.  It’s a great place to store all your design and craft ideas.  So it’s no wonder that’s where I went for some inspiration.  Replacing my cranberry wreath became part II of my Stop Pinning, Start Doing self challenge.  These are some of the ideas i pinned, found here, here, here, and here.

After finding cute wreath ideas involving initials, I decided my wreath shall too have an ‘initial’ theme.  I set out to Michael’s not knowing what exactly I was looking for, but stumbled on an 12″ letter ‘B’.  With a 40% coupon it ran me a whopping $2.50.

Still not knowing what would become of my letter B, I went outside with a can of yellow spray paint I found in our garage.  I sprayed the back first so if there are any imperfections they will only be visible from behind.

After several very thin coats of paint on both sides I was left with a very cheery yellow letter B.   I allowed the letter to sit for a day or so to fully cure.  My initial thought (no pun intended…haha) was to find some faux boxwood branches to cover it with but I was unable to locate anything of the kind in the Charleston area…whomp, whomp.  I did, however, find some floral moss at Walmart for $2.50.  I decided it was worth a whirl to see what kind of texture the moss would add to my letter B.

With a little hot glue and some puzzle piecing, the yellow letter B slowly became covered.

The texture was great but the ‘B’ still needed a little more umph.  I found some left over orange and chartreuse flowers in my craft box that fit with the contemporary look I was going for.  I adhered them with the hot glue and fixed some black grosgain ribbon to the back of the letter.  The grosgrain will be tied in a loose bow at the top, so it can easily be hung on the door.

So it may be a little early for a spring wreath in West Virginia, but with an impending trip to Florida building up in my system, it seemed so appropriate at the time.

The ‘After” of my Pinterest inspired wreath:

So there she be, part II of my “Stop Pinning Start Doing” self challenge.  I know it’s not quite spring yet, but I must admit I feel all cheery when I see my little yellow, moss covered Bauer wreath.  Who knows how long the letter B will stay on the door, but for now it works.  I’m sure I’ll find more inspiration on Pinterest to re-create another wreath in the next few months!


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