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It’s Blooming March.

March 19, 2012

I mentioned a few weeks ago the abnormal warm weather here in Charleston, as well as most of the country.  My lilies started to bloom then we were hit with a snow storm.  I am very happy to report that surprisingly not one of my lilies bit the dust, unlike what my father predicted.  Everything is blooming around here and my lilies are about 6 inches off the ground.   That being said, I decided to pull out the patio furniture from the shed  this weekend!  Once all the wrought iron was in it’s rightful place, I got out the pots and planters. Yesterday was a beautiful 80 degree day so I hit up Lowes  and came home with a few things…

I bought two Boston Ferns, two flats of Dianthus flowers and two other random flowers for 4″ pots on the front porch.

I hung these planters on Saturday when I pulled them out from the shed.  These silly little things are the reason I ran to Lowes on a Sunday afternoon at 3pm in search of flowers.

I wasn’t quite sure if any Boston Ferns would be around this early in the season, but hey, it was worth a look, right?!  To my surprise I found a nice rack of ferns outside the front door at Lowes for 10 bones each.

After both hanging planters were set up with ferns I then moved on to the flower pots.  I absolutely love these red glossy planters.  They are from Walmart, last year.  I think they were about $7 bucks each.  The flowers I purchased to go in them are Dianthus.

I am a big fan of Dianthus flowers.  I have about a million of them in four beds.  They come back every year more beautiful and full.   This was a different breed though, called Kahori.  They are a bit more “grassy” than what I already have planted.  In the red planters they look so darling.

After 2 Boston Ferns and two Dianthus flowers were planted I got out the hedge cutters and had my way with some pampas grass.  I usually don’t have any trouble cutting them down, but because they never went dormant the green prickly leaves were awful to cut through.  When the plant is dormant and brown it cuts like butter…I had to use a lot of elbow grease to get those babies downs.

It was a long fun days work but at least the yard is starting to come together.  It’s still only March so I really can’t complain.  I have learned a lot about botany from my dad which makes getting a little dirty and sweaty in the yard a bit more fun.

I still have these two flats of Dianthus to plant.  They will go in the front bed I built last year.  I was unable to find Dianthus at the time I planted that bed so some random annuals went in temporarily.

I hope to get all 32 of these planted in the next few days but with all this crazy basketball who knows what will happen!  Happy Bracket Season to all!!

Did you start planting this weekend as well?  Are you a fan of Dianthus flowers too?  Are we crazy for starting this whole spring flowerbed planting in March?  Let us know what you think by commenting below!


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