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Roped into a Friend’s Kitchen Re-Do.

April 4, 2012

Ok, so I wasn’t totally “roped” into this, I entered willingly….nobody else get ideas!

My good friend Eddie has been inspired to re-do just about everything in his house.  It started with ripping out carpet then that led to re-decorating the master bath, which led to buying and installing new doors and door frames throughout the house.  Now that the “little” projects were complete he decided to start tackling his kitchen.   I got a text at 9am a few Sunday’s ago and this is sort-of how it played out:

Eddie: whatcha doing today?

Michelle: running errands.  you?

Eddie: thinking about a DIY kitchen project.

Michelle: what kind of project?

Eddie:  not sure.  You wanna come over?

Michelle: I can be there at 11.  What are we doing?

Eddie:  tiling a wall in the kitchen.

Michelle:  so does that mean you want me to bring my tile saw?

Eddie: yes.

That was it.  When I got home from shopping I unloaded my groceries then packed up my tile saw and other miscellaneous supplies.  I headed to Eddie’s house not knowing what in the world A) what we were tiling B) how much we would be tiling or C) what kinds of tile he wanted to lay.  My biggest fear was that Eddie wanted those 12×12 tile sheets with the little mosaics (which I’ve never cut or laid  before).  When I arrived, Eddie’s better half packed up the two dogs and left, not wanting any part in the hot mess we were about to create in their kitchen.  At Lowes my fear was confirmed.  We found these really cool glass tiles that we both fell in love with.

Unfortunately this Lowes was only had 5 tiles in stock (we needed 18) but a different location was showing about 45 of them.  Before we went out of our way to buy the tile I decided to stop by Home Depot to check out their inventory.  We didn’t think it would happen, but we ended up finding even cooler sheets of contemporary glass tiles and they were less expensive!  We loaded them in the cart along with some tile adhesive, tile spacers, grout, and a few diet cokes.

We really dig the Home Depot tile.  The glass sheets are complied of two shades of grey, grellow (green/yellow) and some random porous ceramics in a neutral.

I forgot to get the ‘before’ picture with everything in-tact so just envision a wine rack, shelf, and some art on the wall for this ‘before’. The wall we are tiling is the 2 foot jut-out on the right side.  Eddie’s vision was to make this odd divider a cool accent wall.

Before we started, Eddie removed the baseboards.  He purchased new white trim to be installed after the tiled wall is finished.

I’m definitely skilled at using the tile saw (mentioned here and here) but I’ve never tried cutting or laying the mosaic tile sheets, let alone glass tile.  I will totally admit nerves went through my body with every cut.  I didn’t want to mess anything up and cost my dear friend money.  We started at the bottom and carefully made our way up.

Eddie worked the trowel and applied the adhesive and tiles to the wall.  My job was to measure, mark, and cut.

Once we got the first row in place the rest was pretty much smooth sailing.  We followed the lines, used tile spacers, and went on our merry way!

About an hour and a half later, we (that being the Eddie part of ‘we’) laid the last tile on the wall.

The wall turned out pretty awesome.  I was a little skeptical at first but I could finally seeing Edwardo’s vision.  Here is what the entire wall looks like before grout.

I left Eddie to apply grey grout the next day.  He had never done it before, but did an absolutely fabulous job.  He also painted all the walls grey except for the little nook we tiled, he painted that a lighter yellow to accent the tile focus-wall.  After buying a new table and grellow accent chairs he was left with this final product!

The whole makeover turned out pretty darn awesome!  Their kitchen went from 1960 to 2012 in just the blink of an eye.  It goes to show with a little sweat equity you can make anything your own.  I especially love the grellow chairs that Eddie bought to go with the Pier One table.  They add an extra pop that totally brings out the grellow tiles on the wall.  In the week or so after our tile project Eddie also did a little DIY to his side window.  I think it’s so darn cool so of course I took some pictures of that as well.  On the picture below you can see the before window, just a plain window with 2″ wood blinds.  The after window is obviously on the right.

He didn’t want blinds on the window but definitely needed some kind of window treatment for privacy.  I suggested buying frosted glass film, kind of like what you buy for window tint on cars.  He was able to find the material at Lowes and applied it to both panes of glass.  Eddie totally did me one up and added these two pieces of art (also from Pier One) on each window pane.  Totally cool.  I love that fact he thought outside the box and created such a unique window covering…So Miami!

I don’t usually loan out my services, but Eddie hit me on a good day when I had no project in the works.  We had such a blast working together and I love his vision.  I may actually offer to help him with future projects….may being the key word, HAHA!


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