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Sneak Peek: A Surprise from Ryan

April 6, 2012

Once a month a bunch of my girlfriends and I have a lovely “girls night out” dinner and drinks and a local bar/restaurant.  It happened to fall on this past Wednesday.  We met at a local downtown bar, drank a few pints/glasses of wine, had an gluttonous dinner then went our our merry way until next time.   When I got home I expected to see my hubby laid up with the pups in his lap.  Instead he greeted me in the garage, without pups.  I made my way up the stairs and immediately noticed that the hole in the living room ceiling (from our old fan) was totally patched.  Then I stepped into the kitchen and noticed this:

Yep.  He totally surprised me and cut all three shelves for the transition area between our two cabinets in the kitchen.  Whoop, whoop!!!  This was one of the best surprises I could come home to.   We’ve definitely been in “Kitchen Burn-Out” mode for the past 5 weeks (maybe longer).  These shelves are the last of the two items left on our kitchen list (found here) before we completely call her complete.

How awesome is it to come home come to custom cut cabinet shelves?!  I’d say pretty awesome since I’m a big DIY nerd.  Of course they are not anywhere near finished.  Ryan did his job in measuring and cutting the raw wood.  Now my job starts here.  I’ve got to hit them up with some 220 grit sandpaper so they are as smooth like a babies butt (not that I would actually know how smooth that is).  Once the shelves are sanded I plan to prime, paint, and install them this weekend.  So there you have it, a sneak peek into one of our (I’m sure many) weekend projects.   Happy Easter!


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