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Yellow Flowers and Some Bargain Pots.

April 2, 2012

So I’ve been looking for greenish/blue/grey planters for about a month or so for my front porch.  The cushions that came with our wrought iron love seat are a weird green/blue/grey color, so I needed something in that color range to tie my front porch together.  I really wanted 3  square planters…so cute and modern, right up my alley.  Mucho problemo….they not sold in the exact color I desire.  These are the ones I found at Lowes.


The colors weren’t right so I kept looking.  On Friday, I hit up Gabriel Brothers, a random clearance-type store here in Charleston.  I wasn’t looking for anything specific, just looking.  Low and behold, I came across some cool 4″ square pots.  They were an ugly brown but I ended up buying them with all kinds of vision floating through my head.  Once I brought them home, I placed them on my outdoor coffee table to get a feel.

I was sold.  They weren’t too big or too small, just perfect.   The best part of this whole planter process is that I found these babies for a cool $1.99 a piece.

I headed to Lowes to buy some yellow flowers.  My mom read (somewhere) that yellow flowers on a front porch help sell a house…I don’t know if I buy it, but hey, it doesn’t hurt.  These Marigolds were the only yellow flower in stock.  They were $1.88 per six pack, I bought three.

The next step was trying to find a spray paint to match the blue/green/grey-ish color to match the cushions on my front porch loveseat.  Lowes, no go.  Michaels, no go.  Walmart??  Heck yes!  Who knew.   I first primed the planters with Valspar primer spray paint.

Primer is a unique character.  It never goes on even, which is ok.  The point of primer is to give the surface a place for the new paint to stick.  It doesn’t matter if it looks all wonky…as long as it’s covered, it’s good to go.

I let the planters cure with the primer for about 36 hours.  There was really no reason for the long wait except for laziness.  We had the final four UK game on Saturday, so there wasn’t much home improvement on my mind the entire day…just a nervous stomach.  Yesterday I finally hit those planters up with some greenish textured spray paint.

There was no name on the can, so I can’t tell you exactly what the color was, but it was a Rust-oleum green textured spray paint. I applied three light coats of paint to get even coverage.  There’s no point in rushing the job and laying down one thick layer of spray paint, that’s just disaster in the future.

I applied each coat over the course of a few hours.  It was a beautifully sunny 75 degree day so they cured nicely.

Once everything was dry I moved the pots to my front porch to get an idea if my paint was a match.  It was…and almost perfect!

The Marigolds were introduced to their new blue/blue/grey/ homes last night.  Normally I would’ve waited a day or so to plant the newly painted pots, but I was having company for dinner and I wanted to make sure they had a warm yellowy welcome on our front porch  (nerd, alert, I know).

The Marigolds are very welcoming and charming.  Hopefully my mom is correct is saying that yellow flowers on the front porch welcome home buyers…we shall see.


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