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Fascinated with Fascinators

December 8, 2011

Kate Middleton may have made fascinators popular in the past few years, but I’ve had my hand in millinery for the past 6 years or so.  On our wedding day in 2007, I wore a beautiful fascinator with a birdcage veil. (Photo taken by Mandi White)

Because these head pieces can be very expensive, I started DIY’ing them (my wedding fascinator was in the range of a few hundred dollars).  Nothing dresses up an outfit more than a feather and flower softly pinned in your hair.  You may remember that I crafted a parrot fascinator for my Halloween costume in October, posted here.

My most favorite piece so far is the one I made to match the cocktail dress I wore to my company Christmas party last year.   It had one large red plume feather, a really cool black beaded plume, and a red velvet flower.

Our 2011 company party is approaching this weekend, so I decided to keep with the trend and put my millinery skills to work….that of course being the topic of today’s hat-tastic post!

I went to Michael’s and picked up some supplies, which included:

  • A bag of  teal feathers to match my dress
  • Two large white plumes
  • Two festive decorative teal flowers
  • One piece of teal felt
  • A hair comb
  • And of course hot glue

The first step is to secure the comb to the piece of felt with a needle and matching thread.  I then cut the felt into a workable piece to glue my feathers and accessories to.

It takes a while to play with everything to get the look you want.  I fussed with this thing for about an hour before I plugged in the hot glue gun.

I started with the biggest feathers in the back and worked my way forward to the smaller pieces.  The flowers are the last thing to secure, they are the centerpiece of the fascinator.  You could also use a button or any other decorative piece you like to make it your own!  Because the flowers have wire stems I cut them off with the wire cutters.

After all the pieces are glued onto the felt, take your scissors and cut the remain square so it is not visible from the front.  The finished product looks like this:

My dress is obviously teal, but I won’t reveal pictures of the complete outfit until after the party.  In the mean time, this is what the fascinator looks like on my head.  Keep in mind this is after-work hair and no makeup…my hair will be much bigger when I wear the piece.  All in all, I’m really happy with how it turned out!  It’s a bit more glittery than I wanted, but it feels good to be festive for the holidays.


Update:  Here are pictures from my company Christmas Party.  Lots of compliments on the fascinator…who says style doesn’t make it’s way to West-by-god-Virginia?!


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