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Bye, Bye Granite…

December 7, 2011

Awhile back we post about our decision on Auzul Platino granite for our countertops, found here.

It is with much regret I inform you, our vision has been smashed.  Before we went to order the granite a few weeks ago we consulted with a friend.  He brought up the question of support.   As you remember, we took out a banquette that was strangely situated on the ceiling of our basement stairwell.

Our friend made the comment that our stairwell ceiling may not support the weight of such a heavy surface.  We had not considered that.  There are support options, but once you go that route it starts to sound like, CHA-CHING, CHA-CHING!!!  At the Home Depot we discussed the issue with the design consultant.  She went ahead and wrote up the quote again while Ryan and I discussed.  Her quote the second time around was about $700 more than our initial meeting.  Needless to say we had major sticker shock.  That seems to be a theme with this kitchen renovation.  We were upset and disappointment after this consultation, so needless to say we left without making a purchase.  That put us back to square one.  We contemplated several other options including: Corian (which is just as expensive), an acrylic top, ordering new laminate, or matching our current laminate.  Because we don’t consider our current laminate awful (we actually kind of like the black contrast against the white cabinets and light grey walls), we have decided it is in our best interest (at this time) to keep the existing top and match the new section with a custom “L” piece.  Down the road we can invest in an upgraded surface.

The color of our Wilsonart laminate is Ebony Star.

It has a nice texture to it, so it doesn’t have that old-school, slick laminate feel.  We’re not completely thrilled about downgrading from granite to laminate, but we are not willing to take the chance that one day we could walk in our home and our kitchen is in our basement.  In the long run, it will save us about $1,500.  This is definitely a much cheaper option until we have the time to think about a long term surface.  The Home Depot is having a sale starting on Monday so we are waiting until then to order our matching laminate piece.  Because it will still be a custom made and installed piece, they still have to come out and template.  So that means it will still take about 4-6 weeks to get in, just like the granite.  One would think laminate would be a faster turn-around!  Oh well.

So there you have it, another woe to our kitchen renovation.
What do you think, would you have scraped the granite surface after a possible support issue and $700 price increase?  Are we crazy to install matching laminate?  Have you experienced any issues with support in your home?


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