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Stubborn Oven

December 6, 2011

In just about every kitchen renovation (now-a-days) the appliances are replaced with stainless, right?  Well, we were two-thirds the way there, having replaced our dishwasher and refrigerator with stainless appliances over the past 5 years.   Our oven is the last man standing.  It is very odd.  Black body and a white cooktop.  Why on earth someone would mix the two finishes is beyond me.  

Our goal was to find a matching unit (for a good deal) at our local Scratch and Dent appliance store.  This is the same place we bought our refrigerator about 5 years ago, which ironically, has no visible scratches or dents.  When I took the measurements of our current GE (27″ wide and 24″ deep), I noticed that it didn’t touch the floor.  Hummmm….we have lived in the house almost 6 years and never realized our oven was a drop in unit.  Okay, whatever.  Off to Scratch and Dent we go.  It turns out our unit is (like us) completely abnormal.  The sales associate informed us this is a custom/special order unit.  Boooooohissssssss.  Apparently, having never shopped for an oven before, the standard size is 30″ wide.  Because we can’t afford to lose the four drawers to the right of the oven, it is not an option to take them out and put in a standard, free-standing unit.  No problem, we’ll replace it with a stainless 27″ drop-in, right?  Not that easy.  It turns out GE is the ONLY company that makes a 27″ drop-in.  Here is our current unit from the GE website:

Notice how it says “No longer being manufactured” at the top right?  I hope that doesn’t mean I won’t be able to find this unit in stainless.  Afterall, who wants a black body with a white top, that should be discontinued!  With a little more research I found this all black unit here:

Are you in sticker shock?  Because I am!!  …and that is just a black unit.  What in the world is a stainless unit going to cost?!!  It turns out that a stainless 30″ drop-in (found here) has the pretty price tag of $1,588!

Major  problem.  Our special 27″ oven is not even manufactured in a stainless steel finish.

Our options now are:

1. take out the 4 drawers to the right and get a 30″ unit for $1,588

2. take out the 4 drawers and bottom cabinet and molding for a free standing 30″ unit

3. keep what we have

4.see if we can order the black cook top from the current manufactured black model and replace the top

You guessed it, we decided on option #4.  I called up GE to see if the parts between the units are interchangeable.  Yep, they are.  I got on Sears Part Direct and found that we can replace our white top for a black one for about $90 plus shipping.

I now officially hate despise 1964 kitchens.  We would love to install a standard 30″ stove but taking out those 4 drawers is just not an option right now.  I have too much kitchen/cooking stuff in those four drawers.  Even with the addition of the new cabinetry we would be back at square one with storage space, more on that here.   Remember what the top of our fridge looked like??

And inside my one and only pantry???

Decision made, the black top has officially been ordered from Sears Parts Direct.  I found a 15% off coupon code from and the grand total came to $97 including shipping.  Much better than $1,588.  It will not be perfect, but a black top will look so much better than that awful white thing.  It should arrive next week.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it fits!!!

What do you think, should we have taken out those 4 drawers and installed a 30″ unit?  do you think the black unit will compliment the other stainless appliances?  Do you have a stupid 27″ drop-in oven too??!!!!


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