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Eat, Drink and Be Spooky!

October 31, 2011

In honor of Halloween I deemed it appropriate to post some pictures from my good friend Misty’s Halloween party this past Saturday!  For weeks I worked on perfecting our Pirate and Parrot costumes.  My best friend Addy suggested this theme and i took it to the extreme after much internet research and Pinterest pinning!  I found this parrot costume online but but in true Michelle fashion, I decided it was something i could totally DIY…who would have guessed??!

I really liked this costume as well, but knew it was WAY beyond my abilities:

Ryan, my pirate, was Jack Sparrow (I know, so not original).  This was the inspiration for his costume:

I found some really cool eye makeup photos online for inspiration as well…

Unfortunately Ryan ended up getting really ill this past week and wasn’t able to attend the party…Boo.  Luckily, my partner in crime, Addy, was my date.  It actually worked out pretty well because she DIY’d a peacock costume, so our costumes morphed into “Two Birds of a Feather’.  Even though Ryan wasn’t able to wear his costume I’m still going to post it.

“Two Birds of a Feather”

Ryan’s Pirate

Feathers floated everywhere in Misty’s house and I am still vacuuming them out of mine, but all in all it was a great costume and we had a wonderful time!  Who knows what next year will bring….

Anyone else attend a Halloween party this weekend?  Did you DIY your costume?    What are some clever costumes that you saw this year?  The most creative i saw was ” The Heisman Trophy”!


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