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Before and After DIY

October 29, 2011

Everything in my life seems to have a before and after.   Why clutter facebook with my split screen photos when I can put them on a site for those who actually want to see them?!  My husband Ryan and I have lived in our first home in Charleston, West Virginia for almost 5 years now and it’s amazing how much it’s changed.  This home was our second love and we have worked so diligently putting it together to make it our own.  Let’s face it, we have virtually gutted this thing!  Our goal in buying our first home was to purchase the ugliest house on the block.  We basically did that in our neighborhood and now everyone who drives by stops us to tell us what a wonderful job we have done on making this house a home.  I will be the first to tell you that those comments make my heart flutter and make all the hard work SO worthwhile!

We bought this home when it was on the market for “zero” days according to the real estate hot sheet and after our offer was accepted 3 contingent offers followed!  It’s amazing what a little TLC and sweat equity can do…

SOLD!  January, 2006

Present: October 2011

obviously we have added a lot to the exterior, landscaping, and lawn…more of that to follow!

anyone else just now starting a blog after DIY’ing your house for many years?  anyone recently buy a home and have tons of projects planned?  Are we the only ones who take the “sold” photo in the front yard with the realtor?   i would love to hear about it all!


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