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First Things First

November 1, 2011

The first and most important project on our new home was taking the wall out between the master bedroom and bedroom #3.  We started this project the 2nd day we owned the home!  Give me a hammer and some protective eye wear and i was ready to go!!  Our plan was to take out the wall to extend the master bedroom.  It turned out to be a much more involved project than anticipated, but it was so worth it in the end!

This is what (part of) the master looked liked when we bought the house:

Bedroom #3 was by far was the ugliest of all 4 rooms.  The green carpet and tacky border had to go.

Day two of owning the house Ryan and I started demolition.  Taking out the drywall between bedroom #3 and the Master was actually easier that i thought…just had to be careful of wiring.

Once we got the drywall removed from both sides of the wall this was our view.

The next day, after removing the wiring, we enlisted Ryan’s dad to help us take out some studs….

Soon after we were able to build a new wall and slap on some drywall to form a new walk-in-closet.  Don’t mind all the spots in the picture…we had an awful mess of dust and i think its still floats around to this day!

There was a small-ish existing walk-in-closet, but for the amount of clothes I own, it would never do.  In true Bauer style we drew up plans to convert it to a 5×8 shower which conveniently butts up the the existing half bath.  The ‘jut-out’ below is the newly created shower….more on that later.

The doorway was dry-walled-in and the new entry became the existing door from bedroom#3.  After renting a floor sander, staining, and finishing the existing hardwoods this 10 week project was on it’s way to complete!  I forgot to mention that in the time renovation was going on we were lucky enough NOT to live in the mess for the first 6 weeks.  We sucked it up on week 7 and created a make-shift bedroom in our basement rec room…definitely not ideal, but it worked.  We setup camp for three weeks like that!

Paint, window treatments, furniture, etc…follow.


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