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Ninker the Stinker is One!

November 2, 2011

Birthday wishes are in order!  It’s hard to believe that a year in my little puppies life has already passed.  You guessed it, today is Ninka’s first birthday which means this post is dedicated to her!  Because Ninka is no longer a puppy,  I suppose I will have to find an alternative to blame any bad behavior on.   Ninker the Stinker (as we refer to her) is finally on adult food which will make shopping at Petsmart a little less expensive since we only have to buy one bag of food now…can I say, YEAH!

We picked Ninka up at the Huntington airport after a few flight cancellations and freight issues on January 4, 2011.   In true Before and After DIY fashion I must take a look back at Ninka’s before and afters!

Ninka with her mother.  She is the fawn pup on the front left.

A close-up from the breeder at 11 days after she opened her eyes.

After an hour long drive home from the Huntington airport we got Ninka settled into her new home and introduced her to her big sister, Tulipai.

Why put forth the effort to get the toys out of the basket when you can just hop into it and play with them all at once?

The cutest thing Ninka did in her first days of puppy-hood at out home was sleeping by her food bowl.  I couldn’t help but to take a picture of it, but then again, what don’t I take a picture of??

A few weeks ago we went out with our photographer, Mandi White  and she was able to capture some amazing shots of the girls.  I have only seen a few images so far, but this one completely captures my little stinker!

And because it would be a post with out Ninka next to her sort-of name sake…this split screen is a must!

Yep, it’s obvious, Ninka is waaaay cuter than Minka Kelly…brahhhaaaahhhaaa!  Happy Birthday Ninka.


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