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November 8, 2011

This technically has nothing to do with our home renovations, but our good friends who live next door (yes, we had something to do with that) had their own outdoor ‘before and after’ this weekend.  I stood in my yard and watched it all very nervously.    Two ridiculously fearless men (Matt and Daniel Vaughan) monkeyed their way up three 60-75 foot trees in the yard and swung branch to branch to cut them down!  For you this is probably old news, but I had never witnessed such a thing.  There were several points that I just couldn’t watch because I am such a nervous-nelly.  Of course my camera was by my side and in-between closing my eyes.  I wiped the sweat off my palms and took a few shots with the Nikon.

In the backyard this 75 foot tree was on it’s way down.  See the little man at the very top in between the two limbs?!

As I grow older I have become increasingly more afraid of heights, so that is just crazy to me.




After the Matt and Daniel finished, my neighbors were left with quite a mess to clean up.  We offered to help but they declined our assistance.  So instead we drank a beer, shot some photos, and watched…hahaha!

This tree out front wasn’t completely cut down, it just got a major branch-cut.

The leftover mess from the front yard tree was dragged to the curb.    It’s adjacent to our yard so of course t he dogs want to sniff the heck out of it!  The city will be by to pick up the trimmings in the next few days with their mulcher.

Ten year old Ivy supervised this entire six hour project, so I couldn’t end this post without a picture of her!

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a productive weekend.  I had a not-quite-so productive weekend project.  I plan to share this week.   Stay tuned!


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