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November 4, 2011

The master bedroom was the most important project of our renovations, so it was very important to pick a color that we found inspiring and soothing.  Somehow I got set on the paint hue of  “sea green” when i picked up swatches.  I didn’t realize what color I actually chose until my good friends Dave and Eddie stopped by.  As soon as Eddie walked into my room he said “TIFFANY BLUE!”.  Yes, Tiffany Blue is my favorite color, but I didn’t realize that I subconsciously choose the color of that little blue box.  (That color would once again show itself again at our wedding).   What girl doesn’t love to pull that white ribbon and watch it magically fall off that little blue box?

Before (during renovation)

Progress after paint:

The next step was to figure out some window coverings (I love me some cornice boards on low ceilings to make windows look taller) and what the heck to do with that awfully placed window behind our bed.  We finally decided to mock-up a “headboard” since Ryan didn’t want to build in anything to completely close off that window (against my wishes).  I went to Lowes and bought a bamboo window shade in the same dark brown as our bedding and drapes and we jimmy-rigged and stained a board so we could hang it.  whhaaalaaa!  it works for now.

Knowing I wanted some cornice boards, I put Ryan to work to build me some (they are so easy).  I found a quilted white fabric at Jo Ann’s and Stapled it to the boards.  I wasn’t feeling any sewing on these, so the brown ribbon in the middle is what covers the seams on the fabric.  Call me lazy, I call myself genius!

Lucky for us Ryan’s dad has a wood working hobby!  This built-in takes up part of the area where bedroom #3’s closet was.  His dad  built it as a gift, all we had to do was stain it and install.  The install was not exactly easy, it barely wedged into it’s little home so we had a little touch up to do on the back end…but all in all, not too shabby!

The beautiful piece of art  on the wall was something we picked up a year or so ago at an art auction.  It is actually a really cool original piece. The artist painted it backwards on a heavy beveled piece of glass.  The colors and style matched our personality perfectly so of course we couldn’t leave the art auction without bidding on it!  At first we were really nervous the weight of the piece wouldn’t hold well with the molly, but after being hung for so long, it’s obviously a perfect fit!

Needless to say we are very pleased with the progress of this room.  My next step is to find new bedding.  I’m so picky.  I’ve been looking for over 2 years now to find exactly what I want.  I figure that one day it will become another sewing project once I find the ‘perfect’ fabric. …obviously I can’t find the perfect duvet or comforter!!

Happy Friday!

…off to DIY!

p.s. in case you are wondering what the sign above the “red dress dancing in the rain” oil painting (on the pic with the built-in)…it was something my mother picked up for us that reads “”One shoe can change your life” – Cinderella”   more on that to come!


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