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Moving On…..

August 21, 2012

It’s official, we are moved!

The moving trucks packed us up this past Friday.   We used a local company named Dunbar Transfer.  They sent 2 trucks and 4 men to transfer all of our worldly belongings from one house to the other.  I can not speak highly enough of this company, these men were MACHINES!  Only two of the men even stopped to eat the lunch tray we provided for them.

The whole moving process only took about four and a half hours… which was 4 hour less than what I expected.  Around 11am we said good bye to our first home.  Yes, I cried.      …And snapped one last picture.

Well, it’s wasn’t goodbye forever.  I was back the next day.  We actually haven’t closed on either house.  The banks are backed up right now because of these historic low rates which caused mass re-financing.  Luckily, the new home we are buying is Ryan’s childhood home.  His parents have so graciously allowed us to move in prior to closing.  It goes without saying, we couldn’t ask for more understanding parents!

After shedding a tear or two we hit the road (all of 5 miles) and waited for the moving trucks at our new house.  They arrived and quickly unloaded boxes and furniture while I gave direction (something I am not usually very good at since I like to control and do everything myself).  I took a minute to snap a few photos.  There’s nothing I love more than ‘before’ pictures.  And if you know me as well as I know you do….there will be many after’s to come over the years.

We are very excited to start the DIY process on our new home.  We have big plans.  Huge Plans.   Ginormous Plans!

So far what we love about our new house:

  • More bedrooms!
  • Double the square footage!
  • Acreage!
  • Fenced in (fairly flat) yard!
  • Well taken care of!
  • Updated kitchen!
  • Wood floors!

Of course there are a few things we don’t love, like the powder blue bathroom and the smaller garage but the good far outweigh the bad!  SUPER PSYCHED!

Now if we could just get the banks move their butts along so we can close on both these properties…..


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