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Neither Here Nor There…

July 18, 2012

It’s officially been a week since we listed our house with a real estate agent.  We went By Owner for about 2 weeks, got some good traffic through the house, but really couldn’t get the exposure that Old Colony Realty could provide us.  Ryan and I had high hopes to git r done on our own, but this marketing guru called it quits.

To my knowledge I did everything I could:

Oh well.  My dear friend Addy is doing a lovely job.

It was slightly annoying packing up the dogs and leaving several times a day for showings, so we have unofficially moved out of our house.  The pups jumped into the car and we piled in some clothes and necessities and set off to the new (semi-vacant house).  We haven’t officially closed on the new house, but we know the owners (wink, wink) who have mostly moved out.  Because we want to keep our house staged we brought nothing with us.  We ended up buying a new mattress (that will be used in a guest room in the future) and have been sleeping on it.  No bed frame or headboard, it’s totally college style.  We also have a sofa that was left to us and a kitchen table, but that’s about it folks!  I must admit it’s quite inconvenient but in the long run what’s (hopefully!) only a few weeks?

Last night I went through and snapped a few photos, so here is a sneak peak of our almost-new-semi-vacant house in it’s current lonely state:

And if you look real close in this one you can see our college-style matress in the background…

Yep, that’s what we’ve been up to…a whole lotta house moving/buying/selling.  Hopefully it won’t take me another half century for our next update.  It’s just kind of hard to blog when you haven’t had the internet in about a week!!!  Internet: love you, mean it.    Until next time, we are neither here nor there….


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