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Preparing for Granite!

January 31, 2012

This weekend we started prepping for our new granite counters…can we say, Yeah?!  This process involved removing our kitchen sink, existing countertops, and oven so we could install extra measures of support.  We didn’t know what we had to work with until the old laminate came off.

When the templater from Continental Surfaces (our local granite company) came to measure the tops, he informed us of the steps we would have to take to ensure the addition was 100% level with the existing top it matches up to.  Ryan ended up having to add a 1/4″ plywood on that short counter to make the pieces level.

Once the tops were level Ryan cut support pieces out of 1×4 and 1×3 scrap wood.  Those pieces will then get screwed into the bottom of the plywood along the corner radius and into the bottom cabinet.  Thinking a step ahead, I was off to the basement to prime and paint the 1×4’s.  I figured doing touch up on the back-end would be easier.

On a side note, I have no clue how this happened, but later in the day I looked down at my little pup Ninka and noticed she had paint/primer in her fur!  How in the world that happened I have no idea, but when Michelle has a paint brush in her hand you better learn to watch out…this includes pups!!

While the paint and primer was drying on the support pieces, we went ahead and removed our 27″ stubborn stove (mentioned here and here).  It turned out to be WAY easier than either of us expected.  The first (okay, maybe second) thing that actually gone our way.  Ryan killed the power (which took about 10 minutes to find) and carefully lifted the unit out of it cubby and onto the floor.

Ryan disconnected the electrical and I carefully slid the unit across the floor (on an old bath mat) and into our dining room.  Somehow our dining room has become the major catch-all for everything kitchen reno related.  I just keep telling myself, only a few more days.

The next step was to disconnect the plumbing under the sink and remove the disposal so we could remove the sink.

The disposal and plumbing disconnected without a hitch.  While Ryan worked under the sink I took a razor blade and cut the caulking around the drop-in sink.  We pushed and pushed on that darn sink but it wouldn’t budge.  We eventually came to terms with the fact that b*tch was not going to come out.  I moved forward with the razor blade, scoring the caulk between the laminate and tile back splash.  We decided it was all gonna have to come out in one full and awkward piece.  After a little wiggling the laminate came loose and we were able to carefully lift the entire 103″ piece off with one nice pull. (and no cabinets were harmed in the removal!)

Here are some more views of the kitchen without the laminate countertops:

We discovered that the cabinets beneath our 103″ long countertop were in serious need of extra support.  Lucky for us Ryan keeps all kinds of scrap wood.  He measured and cut 1×2 support pieces and installed them above the dishwasher, stubborn oven, and across the 4 drawer cabinet space.

And here’s a glance of what the hot mess under the sink looks like:

We moved both countertops (with sink still attached) out back.  We will donate the unit to our local Habitat for Humanity store this weekend.

So that’s what we did this weekend to prep for our new shinny Blanco Taupe granite.  Last night we re-leveled and added the extra 1×4 support pieces that I primed and painted under the corner radius.  Once we get the fridge out of the kitchen we will officially be ready for our new countertops…we hope.  Keep your fingers crossed that we won’t have any hiccups when they come to install!


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