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Spackle, Spackle on the Wall…

December 20, 2011
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….Michelle is the fairest mudder of all!

I kind of forgot about the hole I patched when we removed the old Nutone speaker unit (mentioned here) until the other day.  We pulled the toaster oven back into the kitchen and it nicely covered up that halfway patched hole for several weeks.   With nothing to do over the weekend, I decided to break out the dry wall spackle and started back on this thing!

Because the patched hole isn’t flush, it needs lots of mud-love, and lucky for the hole, Michelle has lots to give!  I got out the  sanding screen and smoothed the mud I applied a few weeks ago.

After a smooth sanding job I could then apply another coat of pink spackle.

Because I am OCD this probably took 4X as longer than a normal person.  I pulled out 4 different spackle knifes to make sure I got the coverage I wanted.

Now it’s a waiting game.  The spackle goes on pink and dries white.  Tomorrow I plan to take the sanding screen back to the wall and apply another coat of mud.  Hopefully this will be the last.  I really need the patch to be level since we plan to tile a backsplash on the wall to match the existing backsplash on the opposite wall.

Of course my mudding spree doesn’t stop there.  Once I completed coat #2 on the Nutone hole I saw another spot that could use a little touch up in the kitchen.  Then another and another.  I became a crazy lady with a spackle knife.  When I made my way to the basement to wash my knives I noticed more holes down there!

Needless to say, I spckaled and sanded about 12 more spots.  At this rate I should have just re-drywalled the whole darn house…haha, just kidding.  Once I get all those spots primed and painted they won’t even be noticeable!  I’m still toying around the idea of painting the basement grey (mentioned here)…we shall see.


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