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And the Packing Begins….

June 7, 2012

Yesterday we met with the loan officer and we are officially moving forward!  We are in contract on the new house and if everything goes as planned we should close on our new house in 45 days!!!  It’s exciting and scary all at the same time.  We’ve grown so comfortable in our first home, it’s scary to think about moving to a home twice the size!  Ryan and I have been hording boxes from work and they are starting to take over our family room.

Last night I decided to start packing up the dining room.  I have a large curio cabinet in there stuffed with serving platters.  I don’t plan on having any parties (but knowing me it can always change at a moments notice) anytime before we move so I started the process of wrapping up those babies and packing them away.

It took six boxes to empty out that cabinet.  If that’s any indication of how much stuff we’ve obtained over the last 6 years- I’m gonna be in packing misery.

My sewing station is also packed away.  I have no plans to sew/mend anything anytime soon, so no one ask!  Michelle’s embroidery service is officially closed.

That’s what we’ve been up to…lot’s of paperwork.  Not much DIY’ing around the house lately.  Although I did pressure wash the front walkway last weekend.  No need for pictures of that, a sidewalk is a sidewalk no matter how you spin it.


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