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The Next Step: BackSplash

February 9, 2012

We tiled the backsplash to our kitchen about 6 years ago with 4″ square white tiles.  It was our first attempt at tiling with our new MK Diamond saw.  We figured if we sucked at it we would just pull it out and do something different.  It turns out we are pretty darn awesome (if we do say so ourselves) at laying some tile….and in general, ha!  Here is a photo of our white 4×4 tile backsplash and white grout against the old laminate countertops.

It’s held up pretty awesome.  No scrapes, bruises, or stains.  Once the granite was installed (mentioned here) we were left with a little gap between the new granite and old backsplash that looks like this:

Because I save everything I was able to find a few (understatement of the year.  Can we say 28??) extra tiles from that tile job six years ago.  I hope I didn’t save 28 tiles because I thought we’d have to replace that many….we haven’t had to replace any.

I crossed my fingers and hoped it would magically fit into the gap perfectly.  Not so much.

We are about 1 and a 1/2″ short on our 4″x4″ tiles.  So that means we will have to cut 24 individual tiles to finish off this backsplash…argh.  I knew it would never match up, but you can’t fault a girl for hoping!   Included in this backsplash project we will be tiling on the opposite wall  where we  added the new cabinetry and countertop wrap around.

The tile saw will be out no matter what, it just would have been SO nice if those 24 tiles would have fit perfectly into place.  Nothing ever goes perfect in a home reno so we have no ill feelings.  This just means we (that’s the Michelle part of we) will be cutting a lot of tile after we get the new cabinets hung on the addition, mentioned here.  I actually started on the prep for those Habitat finds last night, so if all goes right I will post about it tomorrow!


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