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It’s a Boy!

January 16, 2012

No, I’m not pregnant, but my good friend Amy is!  This past weekend I hosted a baby shower for the mommy to be.  Amy is about 4 weeks away from having a little boy, so I put together the most elegant baby shower I could.  While perusing the internet, I found some really cute blue and green owl themed party printables on Etsy.  Printables are a really cool way to add personalization to any party.  You buy the design from a graphic artist and cut the labels, creating a DIY a themed party!  I purchased some 2″ favor tags, water bottle labels, and tented table cards.

I printed the 2″ circle tags on 110lb cardstock and cut them out with a scalloped 2″ hole punch.

On regular 20lb copy paper I printed 2 dozen water bottle labels and cut them using my Xacto paper cutter then taped/glued the labels to water bottles (original labels removed of course).

We spent Christmas in Atlanta with my folks so of course that meant an obligatory Ikea run .  While at Ikea I found a 4-pack of RAJTAN Spice Jars for $3.99.  I knew right away those babies would make some awesome favors.  I didn’t know what I would put in them, but decided to buy 5 packs for a total of 20 jars.

After about a week or so of shopping locally for for blue and green candy I decided to hit up Sam’s wholesale club.  I found a 15lb box of double bubble gumballs for $19.  It just so happened that the box had blue, green and white gumballs (among many other colors).  I decided to buy the box after an exhausting week long search for blue and green candy.  I got out some rubber gloves and sorted through the 15lb box of gumballs and separated the blue, green, and white balls.

The 2″ circle tags I purchased on Etsy were a perfect match for the lids of the Ikea RAJTAN jars.  With a little rubber cement glue (so it could be removed for use after the party), I adhered the tags.  I then took the sorted blue, green, and white gumballs and carefully inserted them into each jar.

After all 20 jars were filled with eleven gumballs each (yes, I counted how many fit), I secured the lids and added a little ribbon to match the Etsy printables.

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!  Now that I have the favors figured out (first things first, after all) I could concentrate on the menu and other details.  Lucky for me, my favorite color is ‘Tiffany Blue’ and I have a lot of party supplies in that color.  Here’s how the drink table decor turned out (excuse the awful pictures, I had to take them in direct sunlight):

And the food table (same story, awful pictures due to direct sunlight…):

Instead of a guestbook, I opted for a ‘wish jar’.  This was a place (at the front door) for all of the guests to write wishes and/or advice for the mommy-to-be.  After they wrote their message it was placed into an apocrathy jar.  The table was also graced with a balloon display and fresh vase of daisies.

And this party wouldn’t have been such a success without wonderful friends who shared the celebration of Amy and Chris and their little boy!

The menu:

  • Asian Chicken on Endive
  • Chicken and Cheese Bruschetta
  • Deli Turkey Sandwiches
  • Deviled Eggs Garnished with Red Pepper
  • Cucumber and Dill Canapes
  • Individual Shrimp Cocktail Flares
  • Black Bean and Corn Wontons
  • Tomato Chutney on Cream Cheese on Water Crackers
  • Veggies with Ranch Dip
  • Double Fudge Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting
  • Chocolate Covered Pretzels
  • Caramel and Peanut Butter M&M Chex Mix
  • Limeade Garnished with Frozen Raspberries and Limes
  • Red and White Wine
  • Personalized Water Bottles

It was a hit!  And as I predicted, girls don’t eat carbs.  Ryan was so worried there wouldn’t be any left over cupcakes for him, I think I brought him back 18 of the 24 I made…haha.  Caramel Chex Mix on the other hand, that went like wildfire.

After staying up until midnight or so on Friday and Saturday night preparing food, I am officially zonked.  I am getting too old for this stuff!  I can’t wait until next weekend so I can (maybe?) sleep in!

I Hope you all had a fulfilling, family and friend-filled weekend too.  It was doubly fun for us, we were also able to attended a wonderful House Warming party for our friends Meg and Todd at their new home.  It was so great to see two different groups of friends in one weekend, we need to get away from home renovation and get out more often!!!

Happy Monday!


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