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The Good, The Bad, The Redesign

December 22, 2011

The good?  The template guy arrived yesterday afternoon!  He showed up ready to take our measurements and create us custom countertop for the new build out, first mentioned here.  The bad?  Our kitchen designer at Home Depot doesn’t know her facts.  When we ordered and pre-paid for our new countertop we were told that we could do a bullnose edge, which in case you don’t know, looks like this:

We have created and planned our new countertop around this radius (found here).  Having this curve, cuts off a sharp 90 degree corner, therefore making the kitchen look bigger and having no edge to catch your hip on.

When the templater (is that a word?) showed up, he informed Ryan it’s not possible to create a radius on laminate with a bullnose edge.  In order to create a radius, the edge must be straight.  Because we are matching an existing countertop about 3 feet away (which already has a bullnose finish) this is not an option…whomp whomp.  I have yet to figure out why this project (which should have been simple) has been nothing but a 6 week headache.  And I would also like to know why a ‘award winning’  (I’m using this term loosely-she had a plaque on her wall) kitchen designer wouldn’t know that!

Here are our options:

  • Have the top made with a non-matching flat edge
  • Replace all countertops with new flat edge laminate
  • Replace all the countertops with the original plan, granite
  • Create a 90 degree angle on the countertop (with a bullnose) rather than our so carefully crafted radius design
The decision?  well, let me rephrase, Ryan’s decision (since I was not there): have the L shaped countertop created at a 90 degree angle with a bullnose edge rather than the radius straight edge.  It will take up a bit more space in the kitchen, but it’s our easiest/cheapest option…The ‘Redesign’ of this posts tile.   Here is my photoshopped design of what the new countertop will potentially look like:

Of course it will also have the 4″ blacksplash around the whole thing.  I now feel like we need a cabinet below the 90 degree corner so it doesn’t look like it’s just floating there.  We will see if I win that argument!  Another downside?  Had we known about this issue prior we wouldn’t have had a custom pieces made.  We would have been able to order a piece from the Home Depot without the added expense of custom templating and install….major ‘wallet’ boo.

So the countertop was our first kitchen woe yesterday…because having only one woe in a single day wouldn’t be enough!  The guys from our local tile shop called about the tile we ordered on Saturday.  Every single box the distributor has is broken, which means it would take 3 more weeks to get in, delaying the progress even more.  Ugh!  I told him I would call back and let him know our decision.  Meanwhile, I got on the phone with Ryan to discuss our options:

  • order the unbroken 20×20 tiles in stock (which doesn’t fit in our tile saw)
  • wait 3 another weeks for the 13×13 originally ordered tiles
  • get a refund and continue the ridiculously long hunt for black/grey floor tile.
Our decision?  None of the above!  Luckily while we were on the phone the tile shop called back.   The distributor found 9 more unbroken boxes and will have it shipped for a Thursday/Friday pickup!  Wow, talk about another mini heart attack!
Even though we had a very stressful day, I decided to create something fun to lighten up.  JibJab has a really cool holiday video you can customize…yes, I did it and it’s a hoot!  Check out our Christmas wishes to you all by clicking on this link:

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