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Wrapping it All Up

December 16, 2011
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Everything is official crossed off on the shopping list, so I decided to sit down with our massive pile of gifts and start wrapping last night.  I picked up some really cute two-toned green damask paper at Hobby Lobby over the weekend. I’m getting better at making bows and I think they turned out pretty darn cute this year, if I do say so myself.

This year I broke out some tulle to add a little texture to the bows.  I had a leftover roll from a tutu that I made for my niece, so there was no extra expense at the Hobby Lobby.

I cut a strips about 30″ long and folded them back and forth until they were proportionate to the size of each package.

After the tulle was sized, I cut the folded edges with my scissors.

Holding the cut tulle really tight, I secured it withcurling ribbon that was wrapped around each box.   Make sure to knot the curling ribbon tightly so the tulle stays in place.

With the tulle securely in place by curling ribbon, I started the second layer of my ‘fancy’ bow.  (I also made sure to give the tulle a good fluff).

With the second layer of curling ribbon, I created a bow in the same fashion as the tulle, folding the ribbon back and forth until I had the desire thickness.  (I learned this trick a few years back from my good friend, Dena).

I then secured the curling ribbon bow in the same fashion I secured the tulle, with the ribbon around the package and knotted it.

The cut ends of curling ribbon got the stand scissor curling action.

Over the weekend I was on the hunt for some cute name tags to go on the gifts, but there was nothing out there to match my wrapping paper.  Although, I did come across super-cute red and white swirl tags at K-Mart.  They were two bucks for a pack at four. With over 30 gifts to wrap, that was going to cost the Yarbauer’s a pretty penny.  Instead, I went online and found a template that I could print out on red card stock and cut out, found here.

Gift wrap complete!

I won’t lie, it me a few hours to wrap thirty plus gifts.  Good thing there is a plethora of syndicated episodes of The Big Bang Theory on the boob tube !  I took this ‘after’ photo late at night, so excuse the awful lighting.

Yes, I am one of those neurotic people that must have all the gifts match under the tree.  No clue where I picked this up, but it is a very OCD trait that I share with my mother-in-law!  Great minds think alike!

Have you crossed everything off your list for Christmas?  Do you have everything wrapped?  Are there any awesome bow DIY’s you’d like to share?  We’d love to know!


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