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Sampling Some Tile

December 13, 2011

Over the weekend we hit up just about every store in the Charleston area in search of new tile for our kitchen floor.  We even hit up 2 stores that didn’t sell tile, only carpet…ooops!  On average, we brought home about 3 boards from each retailer.  We laid them all on the kitchen floor in order to get an idea of which one we liked best.

All of the tiles above were definite NO’s, so we continued to lay down more tile boards.

All of the tiles we picked up are porcelain, but we were immediately drawn to one specific tile.  Would you believe it??  We actually both agreed on something!  The winner??!

Riflessi Di Legno in ebony!  It’s made by Marazzi in the beautiful USA.  The tile is fashioned to have the appearance of wood floor.  You may then ask, why we didn’t just look at installing wood floor?  Well, the answer is simple.  We don’t want wood floor.  We really wanted something unique and contemporary, which is exactly what this tile is.  Initially, we really didn’t think it was in our budget.  We were drawn to similar pieces in several other stores, but after hearing the price, quickly turned away.  We saw this tile at Casto and had them price it just for giggles.  We couldn’t believe it, it was a little less than half the price of the prior tiles we priced.  In our budget, this beauty is only coming in at $4.79 a square foot!  Even the sales associate was shocked at the price, she said it was a high-end piece.

LOVE IT!!!  It’s really hard to tell the true color of the tile in the pictures, but it is black-ish/brown with brown back hues.  It comes in 3″x24″, 5″x24″, and 11″x24″ tiles.  We plan to use the smallest possible grout lines and fill them with complimentary black grout.  We are going to order 5 boxes of 3″ tile and 5 boxes of 5″ tile to create a pattern alternating between the two sizes.  Here is a picture of a finished room with the same tile:

We have decided to wait until the countertop is ordered before we commit (although we basically already have).  Speaking of the countertop, no, it has not been ordered yet.  We’ve had an awful time trying to get it matched and every time we head to Home Depot the kitchen designer is “off”….argh.

So, do you like the tile?  Do you have any experience with the faux-wood tile?  Do you think the dark tile will compliment the countertop?  Let us know!


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